We all get that same feeling when we see those three little letters behind someone’s name. Being CEO brings a sense of great accomplishment, power, prestige and knowledge.


What many people do not realize that it is actually a very demanding job. 


The CEO (or Chief Executive Officer) has a mountain of responsibilities including managing the alignment of operations, marketing, strategy, financing and ultimately…


CEO’s are responsible for maximizing the value and profitability of the entity they oversee. 


They’re tasked with making that entity the most successful it can be and we all know that’s not easy.


But with a capable and strategic CEO at the helm, that organization is destined for greatness.


So, what does all of this have to do with you?


Well, today is your lucky day. 


Today is the day that we restructure “The Business of You”…


Congratulations! You have just been promoted – you are now the new CEO of YOU!


Wait…wha?? What does that mean?


It means you are in charge of your future growth, professional development and career trajectory. 


It means you are responsible for setting the vision, mission and goals of YOU.  If you’re doing that already, fantastic! 


But if you’re not, and you are just floating through your career, or jumping from job to job, then you need to take charge, like a CEO and get “the Entity of You” on a success trajectory.  


It is time to assess your strengths, build a strategic plan complete with financial goals and benchmarks (or keeping with the whole corporate thing…KPI’s) and start to market yourself and expertise like a product or service.


Where do you want to be in 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, or at the time retirement? 


What goals and steps will get you there?  


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Developing Your Career Strategy: Managing the Entity of You


Here are the essential steps to building your strategic plan as the CEO of You, your most important entity!


Establish your vision


Just as CEO’s must establish and drive the overall vision for the business and are responsible for identifying and understanding their target industry and market, their target customer and their needs…you must also understand your target companies.  


You must know your “target customers”; the companies who will be interested in hiring (purchasing) you.


You must be able to identify the companies and industries with problems you can solve, places where your expertise will increase revenue, margin and/or share, a culture conducive to your growth and wellbeing. 


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Take responsibility for your career


One of the biggest moments we have in life is the purchase of a home. It is a big deal…and rightfully so…because with that large purchase comes a lot of responsibility. 


Investment advisors, real estate experts and pundits tell you to take care of your house and view it as a strategic investment. 


If something breaks, you fix it. 

If something is out of date, you update it.

If something is substandard, you improve it.


We do not hesitate to act when our home is in need of management, care and attention. It is something that we consider to be an expected duty.


Well, guess what? 


Your career is kind of a big deal too!


And giving your career the required attention, care and management is your responsibility and expected duty as well. 


While this seems so intuitive, so many people hand off the management of their career to someone else; their boss, their HR department…or even their corporation. 


No one cares about your career and the advancement and success of your “entity” like YOU…so YOU should be the one running down your career checklist of…


What needs to be fixed?

What needs to be updated?

What needs to be improved?


Do this on a regular basis, and just like having an appealing and efficient home…the “Entity of You” will run like a well-oiled machine. 


Navigating investments and capital improvements


Once you have run through your check list, it is time to start making some financial decisions. 


Just as a CEO invests in capital improvements to keep their entity competitive, so must you.  


This includes investing in; 

cutting edge and transferable skills

continuing and/or advanced education

developing mentor or advisory relationships

increased networking skills and tactics


Additionally, the flexibility to change direction when needed and taking calculated risks to get you out of your comfort zone are your responsibility as the CEO of the “You Entity”. 


Understand your profession and industry 


Become an expert in your industry. 


I don’t mean that you have to become the “go to” expert or even be known as the expert…but you should go out and do what it takes to be as informed as possible in regards to your profession or industry. 


Read, research, interact, study and learn.


Is your profession and/or industry growing, shrinking, or stagnant?  


If so, by how much? How fast? What will it all look like in 12 months? 3 Years? 5 Years?


Who are the competitive players? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the companies within your arena?


As the CEO of You, you must lead the 5 Year Plan with a strategic approach, always focused on the trends of the employment and business landscape.  


Which by the way, based on technology is changing faster than the speed of light these days!


Know and understand your Brand and Personal Value Proposition


Understanding your Brand (your story, your reputation), and building a concise message is critical to your success. 


What does your story say about you? As a person? As a professional?


Do you agree with this story?


Your Value Proposition; the problem that you solve, the pain that you relieve, is why an employer will hire you or push you up the ladder within your company.


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Focus on those organizations that have current or possibly future pains similar to those you are great at solving. These are the companies that your brand will provide the greatest value to. 


Your brand and personal value proposition is what makes you uniquely qualified for a position and you must become articulate in marketing these features to a target company.


Know your value and pricing strategy


It is critical today in this competitive marketplace to know your value, and be comfortable negotiating a price that captures maximum value for your “product”.



Build the compensation model that reflects all the components of your value; 


your skills

your strengths

your education level

your past experience 

your location etc…


and once you have this strategic model in place…stand by it.  


We are entering a time when there are more opportunities than candidates, and just like in any market it becomes a story of supply and demand.


You have more power and options than you think…so don’t be afraid to negotiate and finally, be comfortable walking away if the offer isn’t right for you.


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Wrapping Up


As you can see, being the CEO of You requires changing your mindset.  We have been taught for many years that success meant climbing a corporate ladder, rung by rung.  


However, today that is not the case, as outlined above with a strategic approach you can build a rewarding career …… the career of your dreams!


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HOW TO: Manage Your Career Like A High Performing “CEO”

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