Meet your life purpose, passion, and potential all over again.


When was the last time you walked through your life story? Reflected on your path, looking for who and what had the greatest impact on you?


If you are stuck in an unfulfilling job or place in your life; if you are yearning to follow your passion but don’t know how you could possibly make a living at it, or for that matter even remember what it is; if you are suddenly unemployed and freaking out about what you will do next…


Now is the time to look back in your rearview mirror.


Reclaim your story…your powerful story!


But how?




LifeMapping provides the opportunity to reflect on your story, all the way back to your earliest years.


What were you doing as a child?


Building with blocks?

Designing and decorating dollhouses?

Reading, or playing sports?

Pulling a snow cone machine in your wagon, selling snow cones to your neighbors or maybe even picking dandelions for the lady next door for 5 cents each?


These are some real childhood passions from a few of my students, who are now engineers, facility design managers, and entrepreneurs.


According to the experts, we don’t change we just grow up.


…And it is that expert insight that makes LifeMapping so very powerful.


Getting Started With Your LifeMap


A LifeMap is your rear view mirror to your past. When created with complete vulnerability and honesty, your LifeMap allows you to see and reclaim your areas of strength, and it guides you to what you are meant to be doing now.


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Your Strength Areas


As you map your life’s story, think about the activities, hobbies, jobs, and interests that you got lost in.


Not literally lost in…but caught up in, laser-focused in the moment.


We have all experienced those moments. Those times when you loved what you were doing so much, time flew by.


Maybe you could easily spend the afternoon building models, or drawing or making movies…


And when you were finished, you felt energized and couldn’t wait to pick up where you left off. It was all that you could think of.


These moments of focus and activities that consumed you, we call your “Areas of Strength”.


Find a quiet place and spend some time reflecting and identifying as many of these moments or activities as you you can.


Write them down. These are going to be the base of you LifeMap because as you build your future, it is critical to know and understand your strengths.


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Build Your Timeline


The High Points


Now that you have the process for identifying your “Areas of Strength”, it is time to start building out a timeline of your life.


Go back as far as you can remember…this will of course be different for everyone.


Start extracting those “Areas of Strength” as you mentally move through your life.


Think about where and when you grew up.


Think about school and those classes, projects or teams that you loved.


Think about all your jobs that you have had throughout the years…even those short lived summer jobs in high school could be jumping off points to identifying key “Areas of Strength”.


Start laying these moments out year by year. Don’t worry about the distance between these moments, just start listing them in chronological order.


There is no “wrong” way to do this.


When you are done, you should have a great collection of some of the greatest moments in your life…listed out from your earliest memory to present day.


The Low Points


It is never fun to drudge up bad times.


To relive those moments that you wish you never had in the first place.




These moments are just as important to discovering your passions as the high points are.


By identifying these low points in our lives and analyzing what caused them, we can develop strategies in order to never repeat them.


Simply just use the same method you used for extracting your “Areas of Strength” and identify those opposite moments.


No need to pull out each and every moment throughout your life…just those moments and events that caused you to turn in a new direction in your life.


You are looking for those life altering moments that definitely impacted you and possibly those around you. What lead up to it? What forces caused this pain in your life?


Add these moments to your timeline.


The Result


You should now have a completed LifeMap consisting of everything (good and bad) that has brought you to this very moment today.


Isolated, these are just single moments in you life that brought you either great joy or sadness…


but when viewed as a connected thread in time, you will find a collection of interesting “cause and effect” scenarios begin to emerge.


Make a studied list of each of these scenarios.


Once complete, you will have the ability to map your future goals with the knowledge and awareness to recreate those high point scenarios…


and avoid the low point traps.


Wrapping Up


And that’s it…congrats!


You have just built your very first LifeMap!


Use this LifeMap to focus in on both you business and personal goals! You will find that you will approach each new challenge with greater confidence and more certainty.


LifeMapping is an exercise that allows you to walk through your story, recognizing that you are more than a bundle of skills and competencies; you have an incredible story, your story, and it is powerful.



Create A Map to a Wealthy Life

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HOW TO: Map Your Life, Love Your Story, Discover Your Passion

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